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Encouragement Scriptures: Finding hope

Nobody should walk life's path alone. Turn here for comfort, insight, and inspiration from God's Word--encouragement Scriptures--in times both good and bad.

In addition to sharing with you uplifting messages from the Bible, this site will give you a comprehensive, organized, topical approach to finding those specific encouragement Scriptures.

Find hope and peace in God’s Word today!

scriptures pertaining to common struggles

encouragement in battles with anxiety

Encouragement Scriptures represented by God's light amid dark clouds of anxiety

Dealing with anxiety can feel like dark storm clouds are hovering above. For a list of 10 specific verses that can help you eliminate this internal enemy from your life--ones that helped me break that intense struggle--See my page: 

Bible Verses About Anxiety (

 encouragement regarding grief


• Does grief mean I am not normal? 

• Does grief mean I have no faith? 

•Does grief mean that I am out of control in my emotions? 

• Does grief mean I can't be happy?

• Does grief mean I am stuck and can’t move forward?

The above questions are ones you might ask in regard to your grief, which this page helps answer...

encouragement in times of adversity

Wheelchair marathon

Facing adversity in your life? Discover the three steps to persevering in your journey as a Christian--based on 10 encouragement Scriptures related to that topic:

Bible Verses on Perseverance (

Devotional: Bible Verses for the week


Are you looking for a devotional that includes practical application? A Bible passage will be posted each week beginning on Sunday. Each week's devotional will be archived. The selected Bible passage for each week will center on a particular theme. 

So, if you're looking for a brief devotional or a Scripture passage to meditate on at any point--morning, afternoon, or night-- you've come to the right place!

Bible verses for the week (


Note: You'll notice as you click on each page, you'll see the overall list of contents/pages that are on this site. Scroll down past the categories, and you'll see the specific topic presented on that page.

Looking for a powerful way to meditate on the Bible and as Ephesians 6 teaches us, put on the "full armor of God?" He desires to speak to you! Let God's Word become an integral part of your daily life...

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